Should you be a strict parent?

Many parents think that strict parenting is the best way how to discipline the children and make them obedient. Parents think that it will help their children to become better personalities in the future, but strict parenting also has some disadvantages as well. If parents are very strict, children look up to them and see them as their bosses instead of friends and that really doesn’t help to maintain strong family bounds and good, caring and opened relationship. So is being a strict good or bad choice?

First you should know what harm strict parenting can do to your child. First of all that will make your children hide everything from you and there won’t be any trust into your relationship. Every time your child will have any problems he will choose to cope with them alone, because he might think there will be a punishment if he tells the truth. Children are afraid of strict parents and that is the worst thing family can deal with.

Strict parenting can also lower children’s self esteem. Strict parenting usually comes along with critics. That basically means all your children’s expressions that doesn’t go along with parents views must be punished and that your children is not good enough. When the children grow up they live by the same rules and that means they will feel unevaluated.

Also strict parenting means obsession and sometimes it can give opposite effect – your children will do anything to finally get free. This is very highly observed among teenagers. They will start to rebel. Children also need their own will and you must let them make their own decisions otherwise they will just disobey you.

There are also other ways how strict parenting can negatively influence child’s behavior and also family relationship, but there are also something good in that. Children who have been raised strictly usually really are more disciplined and they have better results in school. They know what their duties are and they do everything they should do.

Strict parenting also will help your child to integrate into society. Disciplined and polite people are highly accepted and others don’t avoid them. That refers to both, children and grownups. Society is now willing to accept those who disobey.

So as we can understand there really are some very important disadvantaged of strict parenting but also there are as meaningful and important benefits. Does that means patents have to choose either they want their kids to be disciplined and with good achievements or they want strong and opened family relationship? Actually, no, parents must find the balance.

That really is a hard task. You as a parent must evaluate each situation separately and know how to react each time. It is hard to be a friend and a mentor at the same time, but it is the golden path that will lead to good results in your family and child’s life. The key of success is actually talking – explain all your actions and your children will understand everything.