Involve the grandparents into kids’ lives

Lot of grandparents love their grandchildren and are willing to spend time with them. On one hand it’s a good idea, because grandparents and children can have some good time and parents can have some time for themselves, but one the other hand lot of parents don’t want grandparents to tread on their way of parenting or just don’t trust them for some reasons. Grandparents really can affect the kids educational development, but if you do everything right, that can be a benefit instead of shortage.

The involvement of grandparents into the kids’ lives is very important, because of many aspects. First of all, by communicating with grandparents they can understand the variability of life. Also that is a good way how to teach family-oriented values. Kids can also learn lot of things from their grandparents directly, because of their life experience. Broadly speaking, it’s a good way how to expand kids’ horizons.

If you want to let your grandparents to spend a lot of time with your kids, but there are some special desires regards parenting or teaching, just tell that. Usually grandparents are not willing to dastard parents’ intentions and if they make some mistakes, it’s only because of not knowing parents’ view. Have an open conversation and make everything clear. If that is done, you can leave your kids with your grandparents.

Unfortunately, you can’t discuss every situation that might come up and if you don’t have any clue, how your grandparents will treat your kids, spend some time all together at first. Let your grandparents play with your kids and take care of them, but be there and watch them. If you don’t like something, just tell and it is pretty sure that grandparents will respect that. Later you will be able to leave them alone with no worries.

Another issue is that parents are afraid that grandparents won’t be able to cope with this task, because of their physical abilities. Kids can be quite active, so parents don’t want to entrust this task to grandparents. In this case you really should evaluate grandparents’ ability, but remember that they have raised some kids before.

However, if you don’t want to leave your kids with grandparents, for longer time, at least spent some time all together. Don’t push them out of your kids’ lives, because they can teach so much to them. Go for a walk together or go visit them often if they live far away. You don’t have to necessary let them raise your kids, but at least let them be a part of your kids lives.

There is no better way how to introduce your kids to family values than by spending time with grandparents. It does the honor to the grandparents and ensures strong connection between the generations.