Fathers’ role in raising children

Father is very important mentor for children. Unfortunately in most of the families fathers are not involved into children’s lives in the same level as mothers. Fathers should not only play with kids once in a while and support them financially, but also be their mentor and fully get involved into parenting. It is proved that fathers’ engagement in children’s life can make meaningful difference in their behavior and mental health.

However mother alone also can ensure affection, communication, love and all the other important conditions, fathers tend to parent differently and children need to get it all from both parents. Feathers that get involved info parenting tend to spend some more private time with children alone and that can affect the children emotional development. This time together make children trust more and also make them feel important and evaluated. When they grow up they will feel sure about themselves and feel needed and accepted.

Also fathers are not so serious and worried about everything. Fathers like to play with their children rather than do something very educational and important. That can give the children bunch of good emotions. Children must be playful and cheerful. Usually fathers are those who can really ensure that with no obstacles.

Especially important is father’s role in rising sons. They must learn how to be a man. They must see a great example and they must mostly learn everything from their fathers not mothers. Unfortunately that is happening rear. Fathers do teach the most important things and even talk about some embarrassing topics, but teaching also must include influencing the emotional state of mind and that can be done only by spending time together and communicating a lot. Father must show the affection to improve the son’s behavior and mental health in indirect way.

But also in raising daughter, father should be involved. Also girls need to get an example of a man. Although daughters should learn mostly from others, they must know what men are, how they are different and what they should be like. There is reason why many girls choose their husbands similar to their fathers when they grow up. They subconsciously think that real man should be like their fathers, even if the fathers were not on the top level in parenting. If father wish all the best for his daughter then he must be the greatest example. Of course there are also some emotional aspects that daughters must get from the father.

Mothers definitely should not raise their children alone. Remember that some moments together is not all that father can give. He must be able to do everything that mother can There shouldn’t be a situation when father is not able to spend few days with children alone just because he doesn’t know what to do and how to raise them. Both fathers and children will appreciate if fathers get involved into full time raising.