What can we learn from our children?

Parents think that they are the ones who are giving life lessons to their children. They are pretty sure that they know everything better, but actually there are many things we can learn from our children. Our children are lot more cheerful, confident and satisfied with life and we can these and other qualities from them.

First thing we can adapt to our lives are creative expressions. Have you notice how much happiness in kid’s lives brings drawing, painting, making figurines from clay and other creative actions? That is because creativity sets the mind free and let person to forget all the negativity. Adults don’t do these kind of things because they don’t have time and they better choose other ways how to relax, but it really can help to cope with everyday stress.

Also freedom and opened minds of children can teach us something. Children don’t feel shame like grownups do. They can dance any time the music is on and eat with their fingers when it feels more comfortable. Of course grownups need to be polite and follow the etiquette, but sometimes we suppress our desires just because we are afraid that others will judge us. At least be yourself when you are alone or among best friends.

The most amazing ability of children is activity. We can learn how to be active from our children. Have you ever seen child running around all day and not feeling tired at all? You can do the same; just don’t try to find any excuses. We also were able to run all day when we were little, so why wouldn’t we be able to do it now? We justify oneself, because it is easier, but we are able to be as active as our children.

Another great ability of children is noticing small things that give them loads of happiness. Grownups only focus on negative things. We get stressed because of all the little obligations and mistakes, but we don’t see the beautiful things all around us. Children can be happy because of seeing butterfly or getting an ice cream. For adults those are compelling things that can’t make them happy. If we stop seeing these nice little things as part of everyday life and starts appreciate them, there will be a lot more positive emotions in our lives.

And the last thing is kindness. Children don’t blackmail others or talk behind the back. They are nice to everyone and forgive everything. Just imagine how great the life would be if we all could live without resentment, selfishness, greediness, envy and all the other negative emotion just like the children does.

There are also other qualities and abilities that we can learn from children. Just what makes them happy and how they cope with negativity? You will be surprised how good they are at these things and how easy it is to adapt child’s abilities. That is the best way how to become a better person for you and others.